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    So very sorry to read this Kevin, I knew your dad fairly well from back in the 60s when he played with The Strollers. Last saw him at a gig in The Lemon Tree a few years back, he still looked about forty even then, we remarked on how little he had changed. Yes, an extremely talented drummer and all round nice guy. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your sad loss.
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    I imagine it looks a little bit like one of those fake defensive walls that footballers use to practice free kicks. But blacker.
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    I said "the back of (hour)" at work shortly after moving down south, and my boss looked at me like I'd just pissed on his kids. Thanks, Aberdeen. Thaberdeen.
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    There are none. Dunno, I imagine we should ask someone who has... ...but that's just a guess. Locate the city 3 hours south and make it about 4 times the size? Oh fuck thank you, finally, that's all we needed. I jest. This site is dead though. You're too late.
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    They're Japanese but are named with a Swedish word and sing in broken Swenglish. That's punk.
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    Let's try and keep Peter Dow away from this thread, at least for the moment.
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    SGs are the best guitars on the planet. Y'all can do one. I'd buy another SG if I could afford a SG Junior, cos Euroboy's one looks fucking sick in this... Unfortunately I don't have a spare £1200.
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    I have missed your avatar.
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    interesting music promotions present DAVID THOMAS BROUGHTON + ADAM ROSS (RANDOLPH’S LEAP) Tuesday 2nd April 2019 Upstairs @The Blue Lamp, 121 Gallowgate, Aberdeen, AB25 1BU Phone: 01224 647472 Doors 7.30pm Tickets £10+bf in advance, £12 on door Available from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/465065 DAVID THOMAS BROUGHTON British singer and songwriter David Thomas Broughton considers himself a folk musician, albeit with a 21st century twist. He employs modern sampling techniques in his work, more often than not using his own guitar playing, percussion, and vocals as source material. He also uses digitally enhanced field recordings, loops, and “found” instruments. Broughton’s recordings make use of in-the-moment methods, he often cuts tunes in one take no matter the end result. His debut album, The Complete Guide to Insufficiency, appeared on Birdwar via Plug research in 2005, it was met with generally positive reviews by the press, recorded at a church in Leeds, the set contained five long pieces that displayed all of his aforementioned production idiosyncrasies. The album was followed in 2006 by the much more modestly recorded Anchovies EP, and in 2007 by the It’s in There Somewhere album. His first full-length collaboration, David Thomas Brought vs. 7 Hertz, also appeared that year. Broughton toured the U.K. and Europe relentlessly, and in 2010 released the Boating Disasters EP on Static Caravan, His touring continued throughout the year, though he found time to begin recording his sophomore album, Outbreeding, which was finished in early 2011 and released in early 2011 and released in June by Golden Lab. After living in North Korea and working for the UN, he moved to Seoul, South Korea, where he worked for an organization that conserved the habitats of migratory water birds. His second collaborative effort, this one with the Juice Vocal Ensemble and titled Sliding the Same Way was issued in the early fall of 2014 by Edinburgh, Scotland’s Song by Toad label. It proved the most overtly “folk” album in his catalogue. Throughout his travels and as he released other recordings, Broughton had been working on an expansive work in pieces from 2012 on. With a host of collaborators who included Beth Orton and Sam Amidon, he recorded various musical parts in France, the U.K. and the United States. Tiled Crippling Lack, its theme was strongly informed by the number three. To honour this strategy, Broughton recorded a 12-song, 140-minute triple LP, and convinced three different labels to issue one part apiece on three different dates. Crippling Lack, Vol. 1 was released through Song by Toad in April 2016, Vol 2 by Frances LeNoizeMaker in May, and Vol. 3 by Brooklyn’s paper Garden Records in June “The most brilliant and baffling show I'm likely to see this year.” - Timeout NY “Straddling the line between music hall turn and avant-garde performance artist, Broughton’s live show is not to be missed.” - MOJO magazine https://www.facebook.com/davidthomasbroughton ADAM Ross (RANDOLPH’S LEAP) Randolph's Leap make pop music for unpopular people….Adam doing it solo http://www.randolphsleap.co.uk
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    Totally the biggest bunch of cunts going.
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    The bassist from The Dillinger Escape Plan has a new band which you might like if you like The Dillinger Escape Plan.
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    Shouldn't have closed the rubber shop, could've have that leak patched up by now!
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    Remember ringtones? Anyone rememba ringtones?
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    r/theOcho r/mallninjashit r/earrumblersassemble r/artisanvideos r/findareddit r/isitbullshit r/obscuremedia r/perfectfit r/deepintoyoutube r/oldbritishtelly r/firstworldanarchists r/madlads r/accidentalrenaissance r/delusionalartists
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    It is yes, its my own creation, the "Marshrangeity Dominender". Can't get an image loaded on my mobile so heres a whole album of it: http://http://imgur.com/a/2bMqRXu
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    Ace response. Glad to hear you’re still playing.
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    It was great seeing Rangers's piss 3 points up the wall after they were timewasting from the 20th minute mark. At one point in the 2nd half, the ball went over the byline, so I got up and went to the loo, when I came back, McGregor still hadn't taken the goal kick. Small time. Jon Flanagan is the exception to the the age old expression 'a face only a mother could love'. He is a nightmare creature.
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    I made this glitchy beat using just a Pocket Operator KO sampler, and synced it with a Chali 2na acapella from Youtube, recorded via my mixer's line out into my phone, cuz if you ain't lo-fi, you no-fi. PO's are the business.
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    I have just moved house and found a whole load of cds, so if anyone still has an ear for my old band, take it along to https://curators.bandcamp.com/album/poison-apples and hear our young selves batter through songs that would go on to make our first record.
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    FINE. league code: 1381890-313665
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    For some reason, a lot of people keep telling me that my taste in music is very dreary/dull. I've listed some examples that I can think of below: *A boy at school said to me that "I have one of the strangest tastes in music" that he's ever come across *I once gave my dad a couple of CDs, and he refused to take them because he found the music all sounded the same *A lot of people have said that the Foo Fighters album "One By One" is one of their least memorable, but it's their only album that I can remember everything on *Someone here said that I listened to a lot of "mediocre bands" *My dad told me that there was no Coldplay or U2 song more memorable than Radiohead's "Creep". I could name several older Coldplay and U2 tracks, along with several Radiohead ones off of the same album (You, Lurgee, Prove Yourself) So these are some songs that I'm currently into: *Lurgee by Radiohead *Clocks by Coldplay *Bionic by Placebo *Porcelain by Moby *You Don't Have to Tell Me Now by Grant Hart *Untitled by Interpol *Vapour Trail by Ride *Pieces by Dinosaur Jr *Shining Light by Ash *If You're Thinking Of Me by Dodgy *Disorder by Joy Division Do you know why other people call this stuff dull but I find it far easier to remember than what they listen to? Is there any similarity between these songs?
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    Shining Light by Ash is a pure fucking banger like.
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    Weird, immediately after listening to this Repugnant tune I stuck on Entombed too... so good!
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    I think that largely stopped around 2006-07, either coincidentally or ironically after we had owt to do with the Deen.
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    OK, it wasn't Brexit, it was new windows - I'm getting some installed so I can view the impending Brexit fuelled meltdown clearer when I barricade myself in my house against the posses looking for Johnny Foreigner sympathisers to hang from lampposts. Still got the sparkly Jack Casady though so it won't be all bad
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    I had time to look at that flow chart a bit and I definitely think Guards, Guards is the best place to start (I got an essay below on the Watch and related Ankh-Morepork city arcs below, If you want). The Death books: don't think I read Mort (which I think is about someone who is Death's apprentice, and marks the shift as Death as a straight-up antagonist to a more sympathetic character), but again no duffers after that, even if Hogfather and Thief of Time are the better ones (and some of the series best; bit more on Death below). The Witches arc is, as I said, definitely the most consistent in terms not just of quality (all good; a few great including the best, as I remember) but also in terms of characters and setting (they're the rural, fairy tale-like, side of things; Ankh-Morepork, the world's largest city, is the setting of most of the other threads and they get blended up and criss-cross because of that). They again probably build to the final non-teen fiction one, Carpe Jugulum, being the best. The Watch books do get better (around the Fifth Elephant and Night Watch, maybe Thud! being the best ones) but I don't think there's a duffer in there. They later get mixed in with the "Industrial Revolution" ones which I wouldn't have first thought of as a discrete sub-series or arch; but thematically that makes sense (after I typed the stuff below it occurs to me that there is a literal if fictional industrial revolution, in the biggest city at least, of Discworld's previously generic-Middle-Ages-ish fantasy universe. Relatively late on in the series). Reading back and forth and dipping in and out like I did: they ("Industrial Revolution") are more like standalone novels where the Watch characters make sort of heavy cameos (or are involved as non-protagonists, maybe semi-antagonists - you get to see how some of the central figures look to others. The most central guy in the Watch, Vimes, in particular. The Patriarch of the city is all over both of those arcs in that respect, too I think). The "Industrial Revolution" books are more complicated, while being obviously direct parodies of real world historical/political topics (Making Money is literally about the generic-middle-ages-fantasy Discworld city printing cash, and from there modern monetary policy and political economy; Going Postal is actually about a postal service; and so on). The Watch is generally about social justice, inclusion, and progress in that. If you had to pick one theme (the first too are more like parodies of crime fiction and real world police; which again makes it hard to split out the Ankh-Morepork threads as discretely as the chart does). "Feet of Clay" is literally about getting a troll or golem into the watch. "Monstrous Regiment" is similarly about vampires and werewolves who drink only (bovine?) substitute-blood in. Obvious parallels with racism, homophobia etc. and the reversing of. But lighter, more optimistic Zootopia kind of world view... The Death books also read like stand-alones: definitely Thief of Time and I think the Hogfather, because he isn't a protagonist. They (definitely Thief of Time) have I'm pretty sure one-off protagonists, with sections from Death's POV (so a POV-character, in a Song of Ice and Fire-speak). Death turning up at some point is also the "they killed Kenny!" of Discworld. Cameo at minimum in every one, I think. The Rincewind ones, which started out as the centre, look like the weird black sheep sibling now the whole thing's done. The Last Continent (where he goes to a fictional Australia which is so heavy it stops the flat plant from tipping off the elephants' and Turtle's back. Ahem) is the only really good one, with Interesting Times being worth it. First couple are borderline guff, as you've discovered. Even Unseen Academicals (a football parody in Ankh-Morepork; again the parodies make it such as that I couldn't have thought of a flowchart like this. As a start), written after all the good stuff (but TBF, into his illness) I thought was a mixed bag and nothing special. The fact I read it years after my first (years' long) binge and at the tail end of dipping in now and again (and all his teen-fiction phase), I wondered whether he'd lost it, his illness had caused him to lose it, or it wasn't that good in the first place and I'd improved my taste. Its place in that chart does make me more confident in recommending the above as "great" and so on... ...and to make me want to read the science ones, at least. Oh, and the Ancient Civilisations odd couple are in the "worthwhile", though not "great" pile. Is what I thought when I read them.
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    I can take or leave Failed States. I'd swap it with Today's Empires, and that'd be their 3 essential records IMO. Supporting Caste is just ridiculous though.
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    The internet/streaming/downloading has changed things drastically. (Kind of the equivalent of what Facebook has done to this place - although I'd say that the decline of a music scene has also contributed) Regarding the internet; firstly - on the plus side, if someone from Aberdeen was supremely talented then there is a chance that with the right exposure they could get noticed. Of course this would likely lead to a best case scenario of a million youtube hits or spotify streams, so unless they were to start touring it's unlikely that any form of internet fame would lead to a financially viable/sustainable career. However on the downside, music is far more expendable now. People don't buy CDs or hang around record shops because you can have whatever song you want right here, right now, for free. There will always be people into music, buying vinyl and attending gigs, but that doesn't necessarily make it viable for venues to stay open. I don't think it's a coincidence that Our price, Fopp, One-up, Virgin and Zavvi have gradually disappeared over the years, with the music venues having done similar. If people kept going to gigs like they used to, venues would still be open and bands would still be playing them. Possibly this is down to indie and rock scenes not being what they used to, whereas computer-generated music is as popular as ever? Unless I am mistaken, this is the first time there isn't a form of band-based music that is a trend/in vogue right now... that hasn't been the case since rock music took off in the 1960s (classic rock, punk, hair-metal/new-wave, grunge, brit-rock, pop-punk/nu-metal, emo etc etc came and went...what is there now?) I'm rambling - but I'm sure there is a good argument in there somewhere.
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    Also, as a promoter that brings a lot of touring bands to Aberdeeen, albeit on a very small scale meaning I'm no expert,...the prospect of getting a band touring the UK to come this far north is not exactly attractive. If they play here on a weekday there's likely going to be no cunt at the gig. So you have to convince them to come to Aberdeen on a Friday or Saturday. Meaning giving up on much bigger cities on a Friday or Saturday for the biggest turnout they can get in Aberdeen which will, in all likelihood, be smaller than the turnout they'd get in Edinburgh/Glasgow/North England on those days. The only reason I get bands to do it really is cos they know the gigs are a lot of fun from either being here before or hearing it from other bands. Nothing I do will reflect the scene that most people are probably looking for. But the DIY doom/grind/punk scene in Aberdeen is still doing okay, probably because we understand it has small reach and treat it accordingly. And none of us put on the gigs to make money.
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    Stop the council shitting all over any decent venue.
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    I'm back on the Devils lettuce, and it's fucking magic.
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    Couldn’t agree with Jake more. did I just say that?! I’ve ditched a few folk from my life for shitty views/behaviour. One guy I stopped speaking to because I found out he was deeply homophobic. Would casually drop into conversation how it was ‘just nae right’ and how mingin the thought of two guys being together was. My football team collectively ditched a trump supporter recently. Every time we’d get drinks after a game he’d manage to wind everyone up - the type of trump guy who thought it was all very funny and he’s ‘just speaking his mind’ - meanwhile there’s a guy at the table who’s family is being deported. Fuck that guy and fuck the twat he supports. Got him the fuck off the email thread. I try to always call out shitty behaviour but it’s a dangerous game to play. I’ve picked up someone’s trash they dropped on the ground and handed it back to them a few times. It just winds me up so much and I get annoyed at myself if I don’t do anything. On the train a while back some guy called another guy a ‘faggot’ and looked at me in a ‘right on brother’ type of way, as if I was gonna smile or something. I really wanted to say something but he was scary looking and I wussed out. It still bugs me that he just got away with it unchecked. /CSB
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    (I probably once did, but now) I don't use that as a barometer (was going to type "measure", but a shot of whisky flashed into my head, olol) any longer. For one the beer here is the cheapest in the world, last time I checked; secondly in Malaysia (say) the price of booze is well out of whack with the (much cheaper) cost of other things, consequent on Islamic mores. It's like the Economists' notorious Big Mac Index: Angola or somewhere tops the list despite its destitution, because only expenses-paid foreign oil workers want a Big Mac there... Still, I did a quick check and a Coke sized can of Tiger (don't really do pints here) from a convenience shop costs 88p. A few years ago I and some friends bought 5 litres of booze for less than two quid (I could go back through my FB posts to find the exact number, but another time).. We got it from a pub; it was home brewed on the premises, and they poured it into a 5 litre (empty!) mineral water bottle for us. It was great. Moonshine my tits. One of the guys I was carousing with was just starting his (now successful) craft brewing company; if my mate is a "brewer of craft beer" so too, then, were these guys. ./cool story.
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    A 'like' is for 'LADS' who are too 'macho' to click a 'heart'
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    Crowd surf boy has a sick taste in t-shirt.
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    this could be the plot lines for an entire season of Mrs Browns boys. that show is truly terrible
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    Saw this last night. Really good overall. As you say it's solid. Felt quite earnest in a good way - not trying to be something more than it should be. Basic, well-made high-concept horror film. Ending did feel a bit incongruous right enough.
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    That's the main problem with ditching the socials right there... I have to make sure folks I actually want to get in touch with have my number. I'll pm you. What you doin over here?
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    A wild Milner PoO appears
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    You sound like a truth asshole to me
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    I chucked my fb account a few months ago - is the fb group poppin? Please share, I feel left out. Real shame to have lost one of the greatest thinkers of our time. That fella in the wheelchair dying is sad too
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    Super, Smashing, Late - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-43403178
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    This is some staggeringly committed humouring. I am mind blown.
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