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    My girlfriend once got deported. It was ace though, I was already planning on breaking up with her.
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    Like a normal proper stalk, but with that added 'disconcerting' feeling.
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    On Friday, whilst killing some time, I wandered all the way up Union Street to go to Bruce Millers to have a look at some music magazines. What a fud.
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    Saw quite a few off this site on Friday at Lemon Tree, but not proper stalks as I talked to everyone, including Nev, who greeted me with "How's it going you ginger dick?". I could have nasty back, but I decided I would be the bigger man.
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    Smart arse kids: http://biertijd.com/mediaplayer/?itemid=30018
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    It's your fault BM closed. It's not a fucking library.
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    Feature & mix on yours truly... We’re delighted to announce that the latest installment in our mix series comes from Scottish producer Lockah. You may remember his phenomenal “Video Games” remix we featured a little while ago. Now he’s back on Indie Shuffle with an exclusive mix for your listening pleasure! This mix is designed to showcase some of Lockah’s influences as well as some of his favorites from the past year. There are also few Lockah tracks in there including a couple of dubs and “Stop Braggin,” forthcoming on Origin Beats before the end of the year. “As with most of my DJ sets, making everything cohesive was far more important than worrying whether it was acceptable to drop in a 3-year-old Rustie track halfway through. In Aberdeen we’re less hung up on listening to someone play the same shit for an hour straight, we like to keep it diverse and moving with different styles, no matter where and when they came from.” -Lockah Hit the download button above to grab this great mix, and catch up with Lockah on Soundcloud or Twitter! Tracklist: Letherette – Dance Brace (Ho Tep, 2010) Krampfhaft – Perfect Gain Structure (Saturate Records, 2011) Shlohmo – Spoons (Friends Of Friends, 2010) Lockah – ??? (Unreleased) Lockah – ??? (Unreleased) Lockah – Stop Braggin’ (forthcoming – Origin Beats, 2011) Pixelord – Fish Touch (KidKanevil Remix) (Error Broadcast, 2011) Rustie – Tempered (Kapsize, 2008) NastyNasty – No Names (Planet Mu, 2011) Eloq – Why Don’t You (Hobby Industries, 2011) Kavsrave – Your Love (Tighten Up, 2011) Kavsrave – Areola (Tighten Up, 2011) Rustie – Ultra Thizz (Warp, 2011) Tellison – Edith (Lockah Remix) (Naim Edge, 2011) Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Lockah Remix) (Self-released, 2011) Eprom – Dirty Diamonds (Self-released, 2010) Neil Landstrumm – Dirty Butcher (Planet Mu, 2008) BD1982 feat 77Klash – Shotta Pon De Corner (Seclusiasis, 2009) Ghost Mutt – Thoroughbred (Donky Pitch, 2010) Zomby – Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix) (Hyperdub, 2008) http://www.indieshuffle.com/the-shuffle-mixes-lockah/
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    I know I got nothin on youI know theres nothing to do When times go bad And you cant get enough Wont you lay me down in the tall grass And let me do my stuff
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    Not getting on the flight is annoying as fuck, but it's difficult to complain if she turned up less than 40 minutes before. Saying that, they could probably have made an exception, given that she would have had loads of time to get to the plane and on it before it physically pulled away. But £200 is steep as fuck for an additional cost. She should have started greeting uncontrollably - that shit normally works for women.
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    Went in on Sat for a consultation and it's £80 per hour and they reckon mid Jan for pictures and end of Jan for the ink
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    Some of those challanges dont seem that bad though. Eat a big sandwich, I could do that. However, some of the BBQ wings forged in the fires of hell do seem pretty difficult.
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    Getting into a lift to find Sir Alex Ferguson in the same lift. ACE-IC.
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    Did you pick it up again? xx
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmBs8oBNQTw Right foot of justice
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    You did (including a Sole Trader and John Lewis bag). I was so close to you i could've sniffed your hair...
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    I ignore no-one. I'm man enough to not get annoyed by cunts on the internet.
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    Another thing that I miss is the AUBL webpage which listed well over 100 local bands in alphabetical order with a small bio about each of them. Are there even 100 bands on the go now? I doubt it. And I also miss a lot of the people that were banned from this website, even the assholes. Whatever happened to Stripey, Zombie Much, All Systems Fail and their ilk. It got dull round here after they got kicked off. A lot of good people left after that because it got dull. Facebook caters to 'safe' and 'nice', this place used to be more ragged. I remember sweating bullets at 4am replying to flames hah hah. Almost everyone in the scene used to post here, that was a big plus point.
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    I've been around for a long time. The period from around 2002-2005 was a great one, then it went a bit downhill. Drakes closing was the biggest blow. Countless bands got their start at Drakes and honed their craft there. It was the perfect size for those types of gigs. It would have been nice if a deal could have been wrought whereby the council subsidised it, along the lines of a min-Lemon Tree. After it shut the number of local bands proficient enough to play in a 150-200 (or 300-400 *COUGH*) capacity venue went into slow decline. There is not longer the same depth of talent available and line-ups have suffered as a result. That's the main reason that attendances have fallen in some of the other venues. There are bands headlining today who wouldn't made it as 1st support on a 4 band bill back in 2004. Who wants to pay to see that? There's also been changes in the licensing laws that make it harder for venues to admit people under 18. We saw this coming and curtailed those admissions ahead of time, in order that we could build up an older crowd before the effects of the forthcoming legislation kicked in. So back in the early 00s there was a small capacity venue, fully kitted out, and catering for novice acts, that could happily admit people aged 14-18. Losing that was an enormous blow to the city. And the only way to viably replace it now would be with some public funded workshop like there used to be back before my time. Moshulu was another loss. In Moshulu we had a large nightclub catering to a particular scene, which hosted the bigger gigs, and was a place where everyone could congregate after midnight. Unfortunately Moshulu was a little too big, a little too cost hungry, and ultimately structurally unsuitable, and it died a long slow death. Nowadays the remaining venues are all open late so everything has become fragmented. The clubs don't do gigs, so there's less incentive for musicians to hang out in those places. What exists these days, rather than one big scene, are several smaller scenes specific to particular clubs and venues, with far less crossover. It's not so much fun but it is what it is. Closer to home... there's been some mention on this thread of The Moorings being rock and metal focused. While the balance of the acts we showcase are indeed rock and metal bands, this situation is far from exclusive. Consistently the biggest drawing performer at the bar for a number of years has been the blues artist Son Henry. It just happens that most of the bands that approach us about slots are rock and metal acts. We also have a policy against booking bands that will drag a tanked up crowd numbering into the hundreds and consisting entirely of their extended mouth-breathing family, ignorant tone deaf neighbours, and (for some unknown reason) a couple of sworn enemies, along to their gigs, effortlessly displacing the local fauna. While that approach may reap dividends on a pay to play basis where the band are responsible for selling tickets to their own gig, it's more appropriate for the local community hall than an established venue like The Moorings, which already comes pre-packed with a mostly receptive (and occasionally cynical) audience. Walk in the Light
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    Kathryn Heigl: I'm moving to Paris Ryan Reynolds: Paris, Illinois?! (he can be funny even in times of emotional stress you see) Heigl: Paris, France. Look, you know that my job comes first and... Reynolds: Mine too! But France?! I mean....God! I'll get onto it once I've finished Loose Cannon.
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    I'm sure your fat wife and your squiffy-eyed kids would be really proud of that retort.
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    I don't understand what you mean? I'm just trying to pay a fitting tribute to my beautiful family. My wonderful wife and my two wee girls. If you don't like it, then fine, but don't you dare disrespect them like that though.
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    My wife and kids for being a constant inspiration to me. Without them, I don't know who I'd be.
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