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    Wanted: Rush vinyl, albums, live albums, singles and complilations at a reasonable price. Anything to sell? Give me a shout! Red
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    It was Push-Pops that drove me to run and leap around. I ate one once and then somehow had the energy to climb a tree, and I was shit at climbing trees. Then the sugar wore off when I was somewhere near the middle. I cried until the window cleaner from down the road came with his ladder and got me down. Childhood? No, this was last Thursday.
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    I'm by no means the next Eric Clapton, but I can pluck away on the guitar strings fairly well. Without the ACC music service, I don't think there's a snowball's chance in hell I'd ever have gotten to play on the Music Hall stage in front of a packed captive audience. Or found myself playing Gershwin in the midst of jazz-lovers at the Lemon Tree. Or jammed with a jazz guitar group from the Faroe Islands. Okay, some people will say "that's a load of shit, the crowd was full of parents, no-one really cares". The usual grumbles. But that doesn't matter to me. It doesn't matter to the others in my guitar ensemble, or the jazz band and violin ensemble who played with us on numerous occasions. What matters is that we still remember those moments: we learned something, and they have stayed with us. I learned piano/keyboard through ACC music tuition from primary 3 through to 6th year; and guitar from primary 6 through to 6th year. I played in school concerts, and in Summerhill Education Centre music groups. I fell in love with new styles of music; it helped me build my confidence standing and performing in front of others; and above all, it was BRILLIANT fun. I'm only 19, but the thought of others out there not being given these opportunities is, to me, a great travesty.
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