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    In my opinion there's a time and a place for "classic rock" covers bands, and 9 times out of 10 it's usually in pokey, shitty little local pubs to older guys who couldn't give a fuck about listening to new music. Some of the best gigs I've played have been for AGP, Teenage lust etc and it's because people attend these gigs to listen to new music and enjoy it. I'd rather play to 100 people who like listening to new music than 800 older guys who couldn't give a fuck. You've totally pissed me off by belittling the hard work of promoters in Aberdeen. They take a risk by booking out of town bands and I respect them to no-end for doing this because I get to listen to some amazing live music. If all promoters in Aberdeen played it safe and booked shite covers bands 100% of the time the scene would be affa lame. ps. AC/DC are shit and a trained monkey could play their tunes.
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    You don't call it the Jock Parliament, it's considered Hollyrood.
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    I was too scared to ask! I was assuming it was like a teacup, but used for drinking menstrual outgushings? Probably a teuchter ritual to ensure a good harvest or such
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    You keep coming back to the whole "pokey little gigs" thing which is pretty annoying and the fact you say "most of the events turn out to be disappointing" is also way off the mark. Having put on 100 odd "pokey little gigs" for up and coming touring bands and good local supports I can safely say that I would class none as a disappointment. As you said you dont get the chance to see local bands presumably you have no right to judge either. Yes some are not as well attended as I believe they should be and on odd occassions I might lose a bit of cash, but I'd far rather be doing this with bands I genuinely enjoy than trying to make money from what you are doing. The Aberdeen music scene is more likely to be improved by the likes of Interesting Music, Vocoustics, Phil (Idol-Wild) when he was doing shows here, and yeah Ill say it, myself with AGP, than someone putting on yet another tribute band and shit local support. Not a criticism as such, just fact. Every shithole town/city is full of tribute/cover bands that yeah will get a crowd sometimes, but do nothing for the actual music scene. Promoters who work hard to get interesting, new, innovative music to the city are the ones who are more likely to make a difference. I wasn't going to respond because I dont really care what you are doing with the BOTB thing. There are always these competitions going about, someone will always do them. The fact you keep belittling people like myself etc for doing smaller shows is a bit lame as is your whole idea of more people = better gig. I think it is safe to say you will not get any good local band to play this. Full stop.
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    The re-payments are clearly too much then...
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    If we banned things for just not liking them, you wouldn't be asking that...
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