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    Which is why the man's mental illness is the central focus, because there is significant doubt over whether he was aware of what was happening, and moreover if he wasn't just fitted up by some dodgy blokes who he met while travelling, as would seem to be the case. BBC News - Death row Briton's daughter says he is 'mentally ill' His defence team has said Mr Shaikh suffers from bipolar disorder and did not know what he was doing. They say he was duped by a criminal gang into carrying a suitcase that did not belong to him. His daughter said he was approached by drug smugglers in Poland and they convinced him they would make him a popstar in China. "They recorded a song, and he can't sing, and the song itself is very very bizarre, but they convinced him that they're going to take him to the clubs in China and make him a huge popstar," said Ms Horsnell. "He just believed he could do anything, and he could achieve anything, and if somebody had said to him that he could become a popstar, I believe he genuinely thought that."
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