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    Everyone seems to have learning difficulties these days. Maybe he's just thick as fuck or lazy?
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    awesome, cheers for that!
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    also, just to add his book, Things The Grandchildren Should Know, is far and away the best 'rock' autobiography that i've ever read. I know Old Gold loves it to death as well so go out and buy it!
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    Yeah DUDE. Ainsley Harriot is for GAYS. Chefs aren't REAL men. I bet he wrote his own fucking CV. oh well, never mind.
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    Well, you may think I need to "grow a pair of balls" but at least I have a job
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    I say fuck it - with your insatiable hunger for success and enthusiasm for hard work, not to mention likeable personality, you probably don't even need a CV. The world is your oyster. Just walk in to an office tomorrow, and shuffle the CEO off of his massive leather chair as if he were a naughty cat. You'll be in charge from now on.
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    this is pretty much what i was going to post so i was just going to quote it then like hit "submit" so that it'd just be that dude's words there and i wouldn't have to go to the bother of writing other stuff but apparantly the message board doesn't allow messages which are less than 8 characters long so that means i actually have to sit down here and think of something to flesh my post out with when really i could be spending my time doing something far more enjoyable and useful like eating a sandwich or reading "the unbearable lightness of being". fuck that, i can't be bothered.
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    Yes Cloud you're absolutely right, we should all just sit on our fucking arse and enter as many competitions as possible, and not bother to actually do things off our own back, y'know, like play shows and stuff? It's totally boring when bands release things and go on tour isn't it? It's even more boring when said releases are promoting said tours! I fucking hate bands who release things and tour! It's all about the competitions? Y'know, like why work at a job when you can WIN THE LOTTERY!!!!! IT COULD BE YOU!!!! POSITIVITY!!! Yes, all music, effectively, is about popularity. When I'm sitting at home listening to my Bruce Springsteen CDs, I'm not thinking about the music. Man! I'm thinking about WINNING THE LOTTERY AND BECOMING POPULAR! YOU WIN AGAIN CLOUD! YOU WIN AGAIN! The Beatles slaving away in Hamburg? Fuck that shit! They should have entered a competition! SST busting their balls to put Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Minutemen, Black Flag, etc into the world? Releasing 7" singles and stuff? Fuck that shit! They should have gotten better haircuts in an attempt to become more popular!
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    I also hate jo whiley. This hatred was compounded when I happened across this show one time and heard her say that she hated any music with a guitar solo in. This is funny YouTube - Simon Amstell's thoughts on Jo Whiley
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