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  2. Alternative Rock band seeking a Bass Player and possible Lead Guitarist. Started out as a four piece and we were not far away from gigging, Bass Player left due to other commitments and Lead Guitar Player wasn’t all that reliable so was asked to leave unfortunately. Looking to mainly get a Bass Player on board to get us gigging in the new year. Lead Guitarist would be ideal as well all parts are already written so would just be a case of learning them. Got a couple albums worth of material written so a first album shouldn’t be a problem. Getting gigging is priority for us atm though. Rehearsal is usually Mon and or Thursday at Capt Toms. Got some demos on soundcloud you can check out in the meantime. soundcloud.com/rochambeau_band give me a shout on here or my mobile 07545483316 if you like what you hear and fancy giving it a go. cheers Sean & Tunk
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    Lewis Capaldi @ P&J Live

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  8. Honey Boy. Shia LaBeouf's autobiographical film about his shitty childhood, in which he also plays his own alcoholic abusive father. Bleak. As. Fuck. ****
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    Gallus. @ Cafe Drummond

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  10. Thanks for the info djricochet! Got in contact with him. Cheers!
  11. *cough* unelectable *cough* *cough echoes, among the tumbleweed*
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    Tom Stade @ The Lemon Tree

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  13. Hey i know of someone called Stephen Fraser who shot a music video for me, i'll text him & see if i get a response but feel free to pm me on here for his number or whatever.
  14. Hi, I'm on the lookout for someone to video record a pub gig tomorrow night in Aberdeen. The audio quality is more important than the video so ideally looking for someone with a video recorder that has a really good mic attached. Does anyone out there know of anybody that might be available? Thanks in advance.
  15. Looking for gigs in 2020 for myself solo acoustic singer songwriter emmaformanmusic@yahoo.co.uk https://emmaforman.bandcamp.com/track/always-missing-you-acoustic
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    SHHE @ The Tunnels

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  17. https://www.facebook.com/events/2731606240210802/ - Doors 7:30 pm - - FREE ENTRY - - Strictly 18+ - Please join us at the Cellar on Saturday 25th January for an eclectic evening. This is a free entry gig, however there will be a donation box and merchandise available at the door if you would kindly like to support us and this will go directly to the performers. Featuring: - Casper Heyzeus (Aberdeen) - Alternative rock band with moments of funk / metal / jazz/ synth pop... https://www.facebook.com/Casper-Heyzeus-447034045484631/ - BxCx (Aberdeen/Paisley) - Head honcho of UK-based label DANCE CORPS graces us with a full throttle set of chock full of mashy-breaky-dancycore goodness! https://soundcloud.com/bxcx - AutoHuman (Aberdeen) - Eclectic influences ranging from Jazz to punk, and everything in between. https://www.facebook.com/AutoHuman-2142752219172663/ - Queequeg's Coffin (Dundee) - A two piece band playing heavy electro funk rock with melodic vocals, fuzzed out bass and hip hop/ industrial electronic beats. https://www.facebook.com/QueequegsCoffin.official/ - Poür Me (Ackergill/Aberdeen) - Solo project of Jamie Robson. "A solo Spoken Word/ Singer/Songwriter/Post-Everything Project built from the years of experience in various bands and combines different songwriting techniques and sounds into one genre-jumping performance." https://www.facebook.com/pg/jamierobsolo
  18. The problem with Arsenal is they try to walk it in.
  19. Holy piss, someone has to post something this year. And I have a new profile pic... not of a football fan. Of a player. That won something!
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  21. Yes, it's still open for now. The way the roof is looking they might have to close. Aberdeen has changed alot in recent times even I could not keep up. The police are moving into Marischal (or however it's bloody spelt) College. I really do miss this forum. I'm coming up for 24 now.
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    Jake Bugg @ Music Hall

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