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  2. Mid 30yr-old guitarist looking for others to jam with (or join/start band). Influences: Zeppelin, Guns n Roses, AC/DC - all that blues-y rock type of thing. Based in Ellon, but can travel within reason.
  3. will send a couple recordings to your email man, can see what you think FORGOT TO SAY IN ORIGINAL POST. MY TUNES ARE ALT/POP/ROCK THINK NIRVANA MEETS OASIS MEETS ARCTIC MONKEYS ISH
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  5. Friday 14 June, Lemon Tree An introduction to commercial musicianship, guiding and encouraging upcoming musicians/bands to take the leap into the music industry in the right way. The workshop includes a songwriting session with professional songwriters, a gig guide: the do's and don'ts, performance technique, networking and collaboration, an opportunity to perform and an open question session with a panel of industry professionals dedicated to helping upcoming musicians begin/continue to thrive within the industry. This is part of this years Light the Blue festival/ https://www.aberdeenperformingarts.com/whats-on/music/light-the-blue-2019-introduction-to-commercial-musicianship-with-katie-mackie/2302
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  8. Do engine tuners like Superchips really improve a vehicle's performance, particularly its torque/horsepower?
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    Jack Dee @ Woodend Barn

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  10. Zombie thread, but... I concur with Blur.
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  12. Cisco 2600 Series Modular Router rack mountable with power cable - £25 Apple A1143 AirPort Extreme Base Station 2nd Generation £20 Cisco AP1242AG Wireless Access Point with 4 antennae - £15 15" Full HD Screen for ASUS x555L laptop - £15 or £20 with fitting If outwith Aberdeen can DHL for no extra cost E-mail: moist@cunt.org.uk
  13. Looking for band members or looking for a band that is currently needing a singer songwriter, prefferrably in their 20’s. Have a first album written basically, 10 finished songs with rhythm and lead parts done and a few more unfinished songs and ideas in progress can sing play rhythm guitar fairly well and try my hand at lead guitar by necessity rehearsing at captain toms twice a week atm if interested or want to hear some recordings msg on here or get me on whatsapp 07545483316 cheers
  14. I also use the blank sheet for composing songs. it is such a great help grand staff
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  17. Used to watch this often till season 3 then it got too gory for my taste.
  18. Two knee replacements within eight weeks of each other. Stung a wee bit. Five years ago I had an altercation with a car while riding my trike. Double compound fracture just below the left knee, that stung even worse. Two metal plates and 14 screws in that one, I'd LOVE to walk through the metal detector in an airport.
  19. The most pain I felt is when my Appendix was already ready to burst so I had to undergo emergency appendectomy.
  20. My son loves watching Blippi on Youtube.
  21. Replying to an old thread here, but I'm in a similar boat - really just looking for people to jam with at weekends (or some weeknights). Been playing around 10 years and mostly into my classic rock music.
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