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The Lorelei... Roaring

News & Announcements 10 Jul 2015
The Lorelei have released their fourth album, their second on the marvellous Fat Hippy Records. Available on Amazon, iTunes, from Capt Tom's, any of the band, or from any good record shops, if there were any left. Check out the album which made a Russian website say this:   "The Lorelei...
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Hercules Moments Vol. IV - The Final Chapter

News & Announcements 16 Jun 2015
After much deliberation and with a heavy heart, Hercules Moments has decided to shut up shop. It marks the end of six wonderful years of shouting about the best in local and international music and we have loved every minute of it, especially working alongside some of the most dedicated and passi...
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Lock Howl - 'Lost in the Static' (EP Free Download)

News & Announcements 07 Jun 2015
'Lost in the Static' is the debut EP by Lock Howl. The EP contains 4 songs of "reverb-drenched gothic post-punk". For fans of Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, Type O Negative, Opeth and Agalloch etc.   'Lost in the Static' Track Listing: 1. Echoes from the Chemical Void 2. Into the Darkne...
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Rats of Reality - The Art of Debilitation (New EP Free Do...

News & Announcements 16 May 2015
'The Art of Debilitation' is the second EP by Rats of Reality. The EP contains 4 songs of black/crust metalpunk. For fans of Darkthrone, Amebix, Skitsystem, Converge, Oathbreaker etc.   'The Art of Debilitation' Track Listing: 1. Shallow Bastards 2. Faceless Ones 3. Liferuiner 4. The A...
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Silver City Sessions - Free artist publicity

News & Announcements 14 May 2015
D-Range & Silver City Studios partner together to record live sessions straight from the Silver City, Aberdeen!   Recorded at D-Range's tailored Studio, each band plays two songs - one their own, the other a unique cover. These sessions are then broadcast on our YouTube Channel for th...
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